Tamiya Euro Cup in Leipzig

On Sunday December 1 I took part in a RC car race in Leipzig. I used my relatively new Tamiya TT-02 for my first on-road race. There were several classes racing that day and I participated in Top Stock. The class is open to TT-01 and TT-02 cars with a 16 turn brushless motor and just a bit of tuning.

I used quite cheap tyres which was a mistake I should learn. Already during practice I noticed a big lack of grip. The car was nearly undriveable. That caused my to hit the barrier quite hard in heat 1 and I damaged the steering mechanism. I could quickly fix that with parts I could buy at the track. In heat 2 I retired for security reasons as I was way too slow with my lacking grip.

Happily for heat 3 another competitor borrowed me his Tamiya A tyres and I got a real race. Sadly I had a failure which I again had in the B final. During a softer hit I lost the dogbone from my right front.

In the end it was quite a fun day but do have practice way more on track. Sadly I had way more problems with the TT-02 than I used to have with TT-01.